Saturday, December 27, 2008

SEVEN INCHES OF WAX 2008 alphabetical

Bad Luck # 13- The Rocky Road To Ruin 7" NIM Records

I saw Bad Luck #13 live for the first time in '89 or '90 and thought they were horrible. What a shitty punk rock band with an annoying singer. That was my first encounter, a year or so later I wound up seeing them perform in Fredericton where I met Mike for the first time [we were waiting in the washroom and in typical Mike fashion, he asked me if I minded and I ask "minded what?", he said if could he piss in the sink, great first meeting]. Anyways, Mike and I struck up a friendship which continued when he lived in Saint John. He turned me on to all sorts of '77 punk and whatnot, shit like the Dickies, SLF, Forgotten Rebels and many many more so I grew to love Bad Luck #13 and began to hear their influences. During this time, I also became close friends with Ray 13 who to this day still points me in the right direction of bands to check out. The rest of the lads I came to respect, admire and consider friends, thanks Denis, Chard and Claude. But enough history, on with the review..
What we have in "The Rocky Road to Ruin" is four classic three chord{?} punk rock songs from a veteran band who are also Maritime punk rock legends [in my mind]. These guys were a band I would travel to see whenever I could and always had a blast due to some of the songs found on this release.
The A side contains the number "Never Need a Reason" a beer drinking song if there ever was one, a classic to be heard live with a pint in hand and singing along too. Next up "My minds made up..again" a catchy punk rock song that'll have you dancing in your room.
The B side contains one of my all time favorite Bad Luck #13 songs "The Power and The Glory", a song about the changes the guys have seen in the punk rock scenes over the years and the fact that a lot of the old punks don't stick around. The line "Shithead and DeSadist know what I mean, there's been too many changes in a punk rock scene" hits home. It's songs like these that make me glad to be in my late thirties and still love punk rock. Now the final track" The F13 Soccer Squad" a fun song and even more fun when you know the guys it's written about. I made the mistake of playing soccer once with these lads and was sore for a few days afterwards... memories.
So to sum it up, an important release from a great band with the sound being touched up since the original recording and for songs that were written 12 to 15 years ago, they have stood the test of time.
The 7" was released on Dec 1, 2007 at the Bad Luck #13 reunion show, there is only 300 made of which there are 200 black vinyl and 100 green vinyl [the green completely sold out at the show]. (DB)

The DAMNSELS – s/t 7” (no label)
Surprise debut release by this fairly new trio that deserves kudos for opting for the glorious vinyl format. Right from the opening track Legend, the listener is in for a fun listen. This is firmly set on the poppier side of punk which may dissuade some AKG readers, but given a chance one will hear the a scrappy young punk band with vocals not unlike vintage Kim Shattuck (without overdoing it). The playing is rock solid but thankfully, there still is a certain un-jaded amateurishness in evidence that only a young band can possess and once lost, can never get back. Very good. (RA)

FEAR of LIPSTICK - Indie Band 7” (It’s Alive)
Finally, we have the long awaited vinyl release by Fear of Lipstick who were inexplicably trumped last year by their offshoot band the Varsity Weirdos. Was the wait worth it? You bet. Four slabs of high-energy modern-day pop punk with nods to Screeching Weasel and Green Day. The title track is worth the price of admission alone, a biting stab at local bands applying for and receiving government grants. As with all releases on It’s Alive, it’s a pretty slick presentation with great production. This band is definitely ready and worthy of a full length. (RA)