Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Those Who Served: Alan Myers R.I.P.

It was with shock and then ultimately with great sadness that I heard of Alan Myers' passing today. He was best known as the human metronome behind the drum kit for celebrated New Wave band DEVO. Myers joined the band in 1976 and stayed for ten years and recorded seven albums with the group. He left the band in 1986 due to his objections over the increased use of electronic drums. His drumming was both inventive (Jocko Homo) as well as highly energetic (Whip It). Aged 58, Alan died on Monday June 24th of brain cancer. So long chum. Thanks for the music.  (RA)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gig Notice: Purple Knight, Earth AD, Mars Creation 06/22/2013

Who: Purple Knight, Earth AD, Mars Creation
When: Friday June 21st, 2013
Where: Esquire Tavern
Cost: $6

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Book Review: Wired Up! Glam, Proto Punk, And Bubblegum - European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976

Wired Up! Glam, Proto Punk, And Bubblegum - European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976
by Jeremy Thompson and Mary Blout (Wired Up Media Inc.)

Holy smokes. A book after my own heart. If I had the money, I would have commissioned someone to write this years ago. Something amazing happened when two graphic designers who also happen to be record collectors got down to serious work. Wired Up! is part coffee table book and part reference book. The hundreds of fantastic reproductions of 45rpm sleeves make this perfect eye candy for blokes like me. Represented here are the popular (The Sweet, Slade, Geordie, Sparks), the cool (Milk N' Cookies, New York Dolls) and the hilarious (Zappo, Ramma Damma) plus many more artists with varying degrees of success. For folks who are new to the genre, the preface by Robin Wills (Barracudas) and the great informative interviews with Brett Smiley, The Jook, Iron Virgin, Hector and others will help put a bit of context to the what's being laid out in front of your eyes. Highly recommended! (RA)