Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Who: The Sadies (the best live band in the world)
When: Thursday May 29th, 2014
Where: McSweeneys Dinner Theatre, 700 Main Street, 3rd floor
What: country, surf, twang, garage, psychedelic, roots, americana, punk
Cost: $15 advance available at Spin-It Records, $20 at the door
Why: They are consistently the best live band touring today

Sunday, May 25, 2014

AKG Moncton Rock n' Roll News May 2014

Veteran band Syntax Error are currently recording in France at La Frette Studios just outside of Paris. They hope to have an album's worth of material.

Well-known prog-fusionists Les Paiens have just released their latest album entitled Carte Blanche. This offering sees the group experimenting with looping, electro-sounds and new beats. This is the first time that the group have released anything on the vinyl format.

Impulse Items have just recently recorded tracks at Halifax's Echo-Chamber Studios. We hope that these songs will be made available soon.

Le Caveau, one of Moncton's main live venues has recently closed its doors. This is a huge loss for this city's music community. As a result of this, the previously booked Sadies show on May 29th has now been moved to McSweeneys Dinner Theatre. Hope to see a great turnout for this stellar live band.

Romanian atmospheric black metal band Negura Bunget have recently canceled their entire North American Tour due to visa issues. They were originally scheduled to perform in Moncton on June 24.

Local hard rockers the Motorleague have been tapped to open for the Dropkick Murphys this August in Moncton, Halifax and Fredericton.

Feral Trash have just had their album mastered and sources say it sounds great. It will be put out jointly by three labels representing Canada, USA and Europe. Stay tuned....

Local former-teenage sensations the Virals have been sitting on an album for quite some time. German label P-Trash are supposed to release it but time keeps ticking and so far there is nothing to show for. Meanwhile the pop-punk quartet have been keeping a low profile.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Who: TV FREAKS (Hamilton), DIRTY KILLS (somewhere from Ontario), NERVE BUTTON, DISASTERBATERS
When: Saturday May 24, 2014
Where: Claude's House (above Calactus Restaurant) after 10PM
What: Punk, rock and roll
Cost: Suggested donation of $6 for the two touring bands
Why: It's Saturday night and you must have a few bucks and a thirst to quench