Thursday, September 25, 2014

AKG Moncton Rock n' Roll News September 2014 (updated)

So here's a little bit of what's happened since our last update (May 2014).

The big news is that Eric Neurotic and Ilisha French (both of Feral Trash) have packed up and moved to Ottawa. We're not sure what this means for the band's future as bassist Jesse still resides in Moncton. We wish both of them the very best of luck and we hope to hear the forthcoming Feral Trash album very soon. 

Sintax Error have released a full length album on CD entitled Radical Honze on which they sing in French and / or Chiac. No word on a vinyl version yet, but we are hopeful that it will someday be committed to wax. The band have curiously opted for distribution through Distribution Plages, which mostly caters to the francophone music market. As a result of this, I haven't seen it in any indie store around as of yet.

Former Monctonian Julie Doiron (now a Sackville resident) scored a nice coup when her song Life of Dreams was chosen by Apple to advertize their iPhones. The song was originally included on her 2009 album I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day. Good for you Julie. We hope you get a nice wad. Now buy us a drink.

Moncton's premier hardcore quartet Rabid Reaction have called it a day. According to sources, guitarist Poke left the fold and the others have decided to continue under the name Warsick with Fear Agent's Mitchie Dagger taking over on guitar. Their sound is said to be of the crust / d-beat variety completely devoid of the early American hardcore sound they once espoused.

The city's only regular free entertainment weekly has recently stopped publication. [here], owned by Brunswick News, announced without warning that it was ceasing publication and could perhaps reappear in the future under a new format. Best wishes to the staff and many thanks for your contribution to the local and provincial music scene.

Shevil, the bearded and now-defunct doom/stoner metal band have a posthumous album out.  It is a 5 track concept called Kilts of War and it is laden with heaviness. Check it out.

It is with sadness that we announce that Frank Barter, owner of Frank's Music has passed on after a long illness. Barter was the franchise-owner of Sam The Record for many years and then his own Frank's Music store which is now run by his son and daughter. He served the local populace very well and will sorely be missed. Rest in peace.

Blotto, an unorthodox low-key trio, have released a debut 7" on Mark Gaudet's Venison Creek label. We haven't seen them live yet, but all accounts indicate that they are very interesting indeed.

Speaking of Mark Gaudet, his band Purple Knight with guitarist Raynald Leger, has just recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. Here's to many more decades of debacle.

Local word of mouth venue Claude's House is moving from their Church Street location to Lester Street in the city's East End. This could be interesting.

Local melodic skate punk band Hope, have recently been playing again with new material. Here's hoping they get committed to wax soon.

Deco, the superb heavily Velvet Underground-influenced trio, have recently changed their name to Soaring Sirens.

Zaum, a heavy effects-laden duo consisting of Kyle MacDonald and Chris Lewis have released a debut album entitled Oracles on a Swedish metal label. They seem to taking this seriously having already done a Canadian tour and now are in the middle of a European jaunt. Good luck boys.

And finally, please check out new band the Disasterbaters if they play in your neighbourhood. These three shaggy haired scruffs play some fun, basic garage rock. See them soon before they become too proficient and professional.

The Disasterbaters are ready to ruck!