Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gig Alerts: Summer Madness with Casper Skulls, The Cathartics, Sintax Error, Petunia and more...

Who: Thee Requiems, Casper Skulls (Toronto), Richie Bourbon
What: a Wednesday night post-punk indie rock affair
When: Wednesday August 19, 2015  9PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Cost: $5
Link: Casper Skulls//Thee Requiems//Richie Bourbon

Who: Loud Buttface Grunge, The Cathartics (Halifax), The Red Boy (Toronto), Richie Bourbon
What: punk rock we presume
When: Thursday August 20, 2015  7PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: all-ages show during the summer
Cost: $5 / pwyc
Link: The cathartics//loud buttface grunge//the red boy//richie bourbon

Who: Sintax Error, Les Travleux, Papa ya, DJ Bones
What: Acadie Rock: franco alternative rock/punk/reggae
When: Thursday August 20, 2015  8PM
Where: Aberdeen Cultural Centre
Why: why not?
Cost: $10

Who: Dumpster Mummy (Halifax), Malixiria, Predecessor (Halifax), Mindless Viscosity
What: Saturday afternoon all-ages metal show
When: Saturday August 22, 2015  5:30PM
Where: Spin-It Records
Cost: free
Link: Dumpster Mummy, Malixiria, Predecessor, Mindless Viscosity @ Spin-it

Who: Crystal Eyes (Calgary), Impulse Items, Ape Monologue
What: Danny's Birthday Extravaganza
When: Saturday August 22, 2015  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Cost: ???
Link: Danny's Birthday Exxxtravangaza w/Impulse Items, Crystal Eyes and Ape Monologue

Who: Hassler (Toronto), Sexface (Montreal), Warsick
What: Hardcore
When: Sunday August 23, 2015  9PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: Three great traveling punk bands playing one show
Cost:  ???

Who: Petunia, Minimalist Jug Band + special guest
What: Traveling busking pre-rock and roll
When: Tuesday August 25, 2015  9PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: always a good time
Cost: ???

Who: Dead Fucks, Nerve Button, Phone Jerks
What: Dead Fucks reunion show!
When: Saturday August 29, 2015  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: Last punk bash of the Summer
Cost: $6

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gig Alert: Dirty Kills, Empty Heads, Deamons Tuesday Aug 11, 2015 @ Claude's House

Who: Dirty Kills, Empty Heads (Calgary), Deamons
What: d.i.y. canadian punk
When: Tuesday August 11, 2015  8PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: support a traveling band far from home
Cost: $5

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gig Alerts: Another Week During Rock And Roll Summer!!

Who: Lonely Parade (Peterborough, Ont), Beef Boys (Peterborough, Ont), Salvador Deli Meats
What: jangle indie rock, indie garage rock, indie weirdness
When: Wednesday August 5, 2015  8PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: early show, great bands
Cost: PWYC
Link: Lonely Parade//BEEF BOYS//Salvadore Deli-Meats

Who: Purple Knight, Kappa Chow (Sackville)
What: primitive beat, primal madness, art garage
When: Thursday August 6, 2016  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: show over by 1AM apparently

Who: Dayglo Abortions (Victoria, BC), Tailgunner (Montreal), The Adhesives
What: Politically incorrect humour hardcore, street punk, soaps and spikes punk
When: Friday August 7, 2015  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: see the Dayglos before they drop dead
Cost: $10
Link: DAYGLO ABORTIONS in MONCTON /w Tailgunner + Adhesives!

Who: The Famines (Montreal), Blotto, Matthew William Charles (Philadelphia)
What: noisy proto-art blues punk, art damaged noise, acoustic pop punk folk
When: Saturday August 8, 2015  8PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: starts early, ends early
Cost: PWYC

Who: Phoebe Legere (New York)
What: composer,artist, film maker, arranger, songwriter, singer and performer on piano, accordion, guitar, cello, Native American flute, and synthesizer. She works across genres and art forms. She combines science and classical music, painting and poetry, sculpture and engineering, acting and art.
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: when else will you get to see a transmedia virtuoso such as this hitting town?
Cost: ??
Link: Phoebe Legere  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gig Review: Pow Wows / Disasterbaters / Phone Jerks @ Cloud Nine July 15, 2015 (Moncton, NB)

 Hosting a rock and roll gig on a Thursday night is unusual enough for this town but making your way to a dance bar and up those dreaded stairs that once led to legendary music clubs (Au Deuxième and 53rd & 3rd) was enough for me to have a brief deja vu. I had made this familiar trek countless times almost two decades ago and never thought I'd witness live music here again. Out with the old and in with the new as they say.

 Local openers the Phone Jerks started the party with a non-stop barrage of noisy 1990's flavoured garage punk. Every song is catchy, short, high energy and to the point. They've been playing lots this year so hopefully they will be recording in the near future.

 The hosts of the evening were the Disasterbaters, a scrappy shaggy-haired trio belting out politically incorrect garage rock and roll with Johnny Thunders style lead guitar and John Entwistle bass manoeuvres. Always a fun live act, this band is working hard and playing out frequently which ultimately improves their stage presence. Catch them before they get too good.

 Headliners the Pow Wows hail from Toronto and have had a buzz about them for the last couple of years because of the fact that they are on the ultra cool Get Hip label from Pittsburgh. Having gone to this gig with very little expectation, I was rewarded with great showmanship and tunes that stand solidly in the classic garage/rock and roll tradition. Lots of hip shaking and foot stomping going on from the modest but appreciative crowd. A good night on the town on a otherwise nondescript week night. Thanks guys.

Interesting fact: Pow Wows replacement drummer Peter "Lucky" Lambert is a punk rock vet having played with the likes of 63 Monroe, The Trojans and Angelic Upstarts among others.  

Disasterbaters rocking out on a Thursday night