Saturday, November 28, 2015

AKG Moncton Rock n' Roll News: Pre-Christmas 2015 Edition

The Impulse Items are going through some personnel changes it seems. Firstly, drummer Emily Ratface Boutillier has left the band after four years due to work schedule conflicts. She does however remain drummer for her other band the Phone Jerks. Secondly, it is rumoured that PJ Dunphy may be joining the group as a second guitarist or a drummer.

Speaking of PJ, his dormant band Which Witch Is Which is dormant no longer and are flying out to Newfoundland for a couple of shows and should be playing locally very soon.

Local record store counter guru Jesse LeBlanc has been picked to be the touring drummer for Halifax's Outtacontroller. Main stick man Chris usually stays close to home for the time being since he has a young family to care for.

Nerve Button have finally posted some songs on a bandcamp page for all to enjoy. Sounding mighty fine.

And finally, we are sad to announce the sudden passing of Eric Bourque aka Jedi Eric. Eric served as drummer for locals acts such the Dead Fucks, Knife Party and Rabid Reaction before moving to Ontario and playing for Careers In Science. Rest in peace friend.

Jedi Eric (1985-2015)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Moncton Gig Alert: Outtacontroller @ Esquire - La Querelle @ Claude's House Friday November 27, 2015

Who: Outtacontroller (Halifax), Disasterbaters, Phone Jerks, Last Museum
What: Outtacontroller's release show for their new album!
When: Friday November 27, 2015  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: It's Friday night punk rock and roll!
Cost: $5
Link: OUTTACONTROLLER Television Zombie LP Release Show

Who: La Querelle (Montreal), Blotto, Leather Jackal
What: all-ages Friday night punk rock bill
When: Friday November 27, 2015  8PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: support DIY
Cost: $5

Friday, November 20, 2015

Moncton Gig Alert: Brian Baker and The Memphis Knights / The Shakedown Combo

Who: Brian Baker and The Memphis Knights (Saint-John), The Shakedown Combo (Amherst, NS)
What: Rockabilly, rock and roll, surf, country
When: Friday November 20, 2015  10PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: it's friday night rock n' roll baby!
Cost: ??
Link: Memphis Knights Moncton NB Album Release with the Shakedown Combo.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Moncton Gig Alert: Surveillance, Soaring Sirens, Manholes @ Claude's House November 12, 2015

Who: Surveillance (Halifax), Soaring Sirens, Manholes
What: grunge/punk/pop/noise
When: Thursday November 12, 2015  8PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: it's almost the weekend
Cost: $5

Monday, November 9, 2015

Moncton Gig Alert: Pressgang Mutiny @ Plan B November 9, 2015

Who: Pressgang Mutiny (Toronto)
What: rollicking sea shanties by the way of Upper Canada
When: Monday November 9, 2015  9:30PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: if you ever needed a soundtrack for a Monday night drinking session
Cost: $5 ??
Link: Pressgang Mutiny

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sackville Gig Alert: Watermelon Slim, Big Dave McLean and Joe Murphy Saturday November 7, 2015

Who: Watermelon Slim (Oklahoma), Big Dave McLean (Winnipeg), Joe Murphy (Halifax)
What: Blues
When: Saturday November 7, 2015  9PM
Where: George's Roadhouse,  Sackville NB
Why: Three great blues players onstage at the same time
Cost: $15
Link: TBS Presents Watermelon Slim, Joe Murphy and Big Dave McClain