Saturday, December 19, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday December 19, 2020

Who: Which Witch Is Which, LeBaron (1st show)
What: punk rock covid gig
When: Saturday December 19, 2020  doors 10PM
Where: The Caveau
Cost: $10

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday Decemebr 12, 2020

Who: Yves Bourque
What: singer-songwriter blues, country, roots rock, pop
When: Saturday December 12, 2020  8:30PM
Where: Timber Lounge
Cost: donation
Link: n/a

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Eight record reviews: October 14, 2020

Bloodshot Bill - Get Loose or Get Lost LP (goner)
 Montreal's one man rockabilly wrecking crew is back with sixteen new tracks of lo-fi rockers drenched in echo and reverb. Previously considered as a modern day Hasil Adkins, Bill has been slowly shedding that image and is really finding his groove in the songwriting department. The signature yelps and hollers are still present, but the hooks and melodies are sounding better and better. He's no slouch on guitar either.

The Chats - High Risk Behaviour LP (bargain bin)
 High energy Aussie shed rock trio channeling the snottiness of the earliest Kinks and Billy Childish catalog. Autobiographical lyrics dealing with such themes as drinking, being broke, food, STD's and general frustration. The tune are short and catchy. Perfect soundtrack for young rock and roll delinquents without many prospects.

Elevator - Darkness-Light LP (blue fog)

 On this often overlooked gem from 2002, the much loved Moncton psyche band evolved from a trio to a quartet with the addition of Dallas Good (The Sadies) on second guitar. Thankfully it now gets reissued for the first time on vinyl. The vibe is often dark, always trippy, but the mood lightens up as the album progresses. It could be an uneasy listen for some, but I love the layers, the dissonance and the lo-fi drum sound. The remastering job is superb making this sound better than ever and the care that went into the artwork and packaging is stellar.

Real McKenzies - Beer and Loathing LP (stomp)

  This long standing Canadian Celtic punk band serves us yet another full length platter. Their legendary live shows, wild antics and longevity have secured them place in punk history. Charismatic front man Paul McKenzie (only remaining original member) is a battle-hardened veteran of the punk wars so it is good to see him still at it. This record is not much of a departure from their recent releases. Some medium paced sing-a-long tracks interspersed with the obligatory faster tunes. The best songs Overtoun Bridge, Cock Up Your Beaver and stand-out Whose Child Is This are naturally from the former category. It's nice to see former member Dirty Kurt Roberston making an appearance playing some guitar on this album. If you're a newbie, expect bagpipes, electric guitars, dark humoir and an eventual benevolent hangover.

Neighbourhood Watch - s/t  LP (self-release)
 Fredericton's Neighbourhood Watch were a definite fixture in the mid-1980's Maritime punk scene with their skate hardcore sound. Like most bands, they eventually called it a day, but after several reunions the boys decided to keep it going and managed to solidify their lineup along the way. If clenched fists, a pissed off singer, gang vocal choruses, tempo changes, breakdowns, metallic leads are what you're longing for, it's all here folks. A slightly updated version of the sound of authentic hardcore which I don't hear too often these days. Nice.

Outtacontroller - Sure Thing  LP (alien snatch)
 This Halifax NS quartet, which started as KBD sounding punk band, have honed their songwriting skills and have delivered some of their best compositions to date. Ten short blasts of infectious power pop at 45rpm. Solid and recommended. 

Sleaford Mods - Eton Alive Extras: B Sides and Demos 12" EP (extreme lating)
 Five tracks of odds and sods from this minimalist UK duo. There's catchy Jah Wobble inspired dub bass lines and vocalist/lyricist Jason Willimason even tries to sing in a conventional way on a couple of songs. Not bad at all.

Wire- Mind Hive  LP (pinkflag)

 In these days of uncertainty and global anxiety, it's comforting to know that Wire are still among us producing some of the best works of their long and storied career.  Austere and efficient in their arrangements, this pioneering post-punk band eschews all needless embellishment and gets the job done. Definitely more interesting than most current pop groups.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday September 19, 2020

Who: Phone Jerks, Old Habits, Another Dose (ex-Grosse Bouche)
What: pandemic punk show
When: Saturday September 19, 2020  10PM
Where: The Caveau  (50 people limit, social distancing)
Cost: $10

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Top Ten American Sixties Bands

A while ago, we asked a bunch of music-obsessed friends and acquaintances to each compile their top ten American bands of the 1960's. No solo acts, this is in praise of the band (duos were accepted). The simple criteria was that each band listed had to be American and had to have at least one full length album released between 1960 and 1969. Musically, the sixties were a wild decade with things changing at a very fast pace. Teen idols, surf music, beat groups, garage explosion, mods, psychedelic music, hippies, folk-rock, proto-metal. Most of the bands selected, were sadly under-appreciated during their existence. The results, although not at all surprising to the editor, would no doubt be shocking to most music enthusiasts of the era. One has to take into account that the majority of those solicited for this survey grew up during the 1970's or 1980's and are, for the most part, underground music aficionados. We also have the benefit of both hindsight and numerous reissues to inform our music palate. So without further ado, here goes...

1. THE STOOGES: These Detroit (actually Ann Arbor) legends managed to release their debut self-titled album in August of 1969 on Elektra Records and helped destroy the Sixties. This proto-punk, proto-metal freakout classic was produced by John Cale (Velvet Underground) and became the perfect counter point to Woodstock and the San Francisco scene. Great guitar riffs, killer rhythm section and featuring rock and roll's greatest frontman. Most critics were not amused. Their influence is still being felt today.

2. 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS: They say Texas is a strange place. I believe it. Austin garage rockers evolve into one of the earliest progenitors of psychedelic rock. How many rock and roll acts can boast an electric jug player? They managed to score a national Billboard no. 55 hit with their debut single "You're Gonna Miss Me", but their career was marred by legal problems as a result of their copious LSD intake. Lead vocalist Roky Erickson was hugely influential on later generations of alternative rock musicians.

3. LOVE: This Los Angeles quintet lead by the talented Arthur Lee never really toured and accordingly, never really got past cult status despite critically acclaimed albums. They navigated between garage rock and baroque pop with influences ranging from folk to jazz. Their biggest success was their July 1966 single "7 and 7 is" which managed to reach number 33 on the Billboard chart. The song was later covered by the Ramones, Alice Cooper and Rush among others.

4. THE SONICS:  Out of the Pacific Northwest, the Sonics started in Tacoma Washinton in 1960 as a standard frat band playing mostly instrumentals and hits of the day. After several personnel changes, things really took off when keyboardist Gerry Roslie took over on lead vocals. By 1964 their sound was mean and lean. Roslie's soulful vocals and wild screams are some of the most distinguished in rock and roll. Their budget two-track recordings made them even more legendary and often imitated. Their classic songs (Psycho, Boss Hoss and The Witch) have been covered by countless punk bands over. With three classic albums and a handful of singles, they are the quintessential American garage band.

5. MC5: Detroit Michigan. Revolution by guitar. Detroit soul meets the power and volume of the Who. Six string virtuoso. Blue collar boys caught up in the times. Choreograph meets improv. Major label signing. Career sabotage over and over. The power, the glory and the crash. A discography of three solid albums.

6. CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (CCR): Self-described swamp-pop. Lead singer / songwriter John Fogerty successfully created a formula that merged southern American music (blues, country, gospel and early rock and roll) with the two and half minute radio song. They were done by 1972, but to call them prolific would be an understatement as they released three album in 1969 for chrissakes! With their tasty guitar licks and Fogerty's recognizable raspy baritone, it seems like at least 50% of the bands' output has since found a home on classic rock radio. After all these years, hearing a CCR song still offers some respite from the swill of the tired commercial rock format rotation. Most of their material has aged remarkably well.

7. VELVET UNDERGROUND: One of the least commercially successful bands on this list, is perhaps, not surprisingly, also the most critically acclaimed. The cooler than cool band lead by main songwriter Lou Reed formed in 1964 and finally settled on the name Velvet Underground in late 1965. Lyrical themes sometimes touched upon drug addiction and sadomasochism while the music was at times quiet and jangly and other times avant-garde and pop. It was commonplace to hear a screeching viola and guitar feedback one moment and then a pleasurable pop song the next. Having two Europeans in the band (John Cale and Nico) and being aligned with Andy Warhol certainly gave them an exotic aura. They left behind a catalog of work that inspired scores of punk, new wave, goth and indie bands across the globe thus cementing their cult status.

8. BEACH BOYS: For many, the Beach Boys are the quintessential American sixties group. Five clean cut boys distinguished by their vocal harmonies and catchy songs about surfing, cars and girls. Nothing dangerous here so Mom and Dad didn't mind them. They sold millions of records and scored dozens of Top 40 singles and were one of the few American acts not made irrelevant by the British Invasion. Main songwriter Brian Wilson is considered to be one of pop music's great geniuses/eccentrics. Their 1966 album Pet Sounds is recognized as a masterpiece (especially by the indie pop contingent).

9. THE BYRDS: America's answer to the Beatles. Granny sunglasses, harmonies and jingle jangle. Arguably, the inventors of folk-rock as well as country rock and no slouches at psychedelic either. Blessed with ample talent and a knack for interpreting Dylan songs. the ever-changing line-up of this L.A. group boasted at least 11 different members including three very influential guitarists. Roger McGuinn single-handedly popularized the Rickenbacker 360 12 string electric guitar. Gram Parsons is the grand daddy of country rock and reportedly showed Keith Richards a few licks and tricks. Clarence White, a child prodigy on stringed instruments joined late in the game and became the quintessential psychedelic cowboy picker. Recorded a dozen albums between 1965 and 1973 with six singles in the American Top 40.

10. BLUE CHEER: This Frisco trio, purveyors of primitive thunderous heavy psychedelic rock, are almost unanimously proclaimed the godfathers of heavy metal. Despite several line up changes, they managed a handful of acclaimed albums and scored an unlikely hit single in 1968 with their cover of Eddie Cochrane's Summertime Blues (#14 on the U.S. Billboard Chart). Sporadic reunions throughout the years kept their name alive until they finally disbanded for good in 2009 after the death of bassist/vocalist Dickie Peterson. Recommended albums are Vincebus Eruptum (1968) and Outsideinside (1968).

Honourable Mentions...
11. The Doors  12. Mothers of Invention  13. Simon & Garfunkel  14. Flamin' Groovies  15.  The Supremes  16. The Standells  17. Jefferson Airplane  18. Everly Brothers  19. Paul Revere and The Raiders  20. The Wailers

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Sunday March 8, 2020

Who: Harvey Dent 2, The Prostate Boys, Handburgulator
What: Crappy Fest
When: Sunday March 8, 2020  1PM-4PM
Where: Club d'age d'dor (Dieppe) 445 Acadie Ave.
Cost: free / donation

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday March 7, 2020

Who: Les McKeowan's Bay City Rollers
What: Seventies teenage pop bubblegum
When: Saturday March 7, 2020  7:30PM
Where: Riverview Arts Centre
Cost: $60

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Friday February 28, 2020

Who: Nicotine Heartthrob, Frig Dancer (Quispamsis NB), Phone Jerks
What: loud rock, garage punk
When: Friday February 28, 2020  10PM
Where: Hell's Basement
Cost: $10

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Wednesday February 26, 2020

Who: Ben Caplan (Halifax NS)
What: gravel baritone
When: Wednesday February 26, 2020
Where: Tide and Boar 8PM
Cost: $23

Monday, February 17, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Wednesday February 19, 2020

Who: Curl (Ottawa) Leather Jackal
What: Pop-punk-emo, studs and spikes meets Epitaph
When: Wednesday February 19, 2020  doors 10PM
Where: Wize Guyz
Cost: $10 PWYC

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday February 15, 2020

Who: The Royaltones (Fredericton NB)
What: rockabilly, rock and roll, blues
When: Saturday February 15, 2020  9PM
Where: Fox 'n' Hound Riverview
Cost: ??

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Saturday January 31, 2020

Who: Papa Ya
What: Acadian reggae
When: Saturday January 31, 2020  10PM
Where: Timber Lounge
Cost: $5

Monday, January 20, 2020

Moncton Gig Alert: Friday January 24, 2020

Who: Outtacontroller (Halifax NS), Zero Zero UFO, Johnny Deathwish, Grosse Bouche
What: punk rock, new hardcore
When: Friday January 24, 2020  10PM
Where: The Caveau
Cost: $10

Who: Birds of Paradise (Montreal), Wangled Teb (Fredericton) , Allumette
What: romantic art-pop / dark breakcore/ goth pop
When: Friday January 24, 2020  doors 10:30 / show 11PM
Where: Tide and Boar
Cost: $7 PWYC

Sunday, January 19, 2020

2019: The Year In Review

Well another year has come and gone in this little sleepy part of the world. This is our annual look back at the year that was. Lots of great music has been created, performed and ultimately released. Vinyl continues to grow in popularity and despite it being cost prohibitive, it's still the best format for rock and roll. The great cassette comeback of the past few years is especially good for bands with limited budgets as it's an excellent way for touring bands to get their petrol money. Compact discs remain affordable and digital downloads are boring. Regardless of which format you choose, please support the artists.

Local wax: It's always nice to be able to make this list. So here, to my knowledge, are the local vinyl releases of 2019:

Joseph Edgar - 2004-2019 Point Picot  2LP (Rosemarie) April
Zaum -  Divination LP (Listenable) April
Phone Jerks - 10x10  10" EP  (Alien Snatch) October
Follow-Ups - Don't Like You Either  LP (Flat Tyre) October
Eric's Trip - Warm Girl  LP (Bluefog) December
Upcoming: hopefully some new stuff by Funeral Fog, Which Witch Is Which, Nerve Button and a local punk comp.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Klackers, Bruce, les Paiens
Missing In Action:  Whoregasms, Chiller
New Blood: Zero Zero U.F.O., Old Habits, Pas Much, Johnny Deathwish, The Atlantix
Reunion of The Year: Fear of Lipstick
Venues: We lost the Plan B Lounge back in April. That small bar tucked away at the corner of Lutz and St. George Street played host to many local bands as well as various indie touring acts. Whether it was country or death metal, it was one of the few stages where you could original music on almost any night of the week. Luckily for us punters, the Caveau has stepped up and provided us with a space for occasional night time revelry.

As is customary, we've asked a few of our music obsessed friends to compile a list of their favourite moments of 2019. So without further ado, here goes...
One of the better releases of 2019
Ray 13 (AKG editor, street walker)
Top Ten New Music Releases (in alphabetical order)
Amyl and The Sniffers - s/t  LP
Black Halos -Geisterbahn II b/w Tandem Drown  7"
Booji Boys - Tube Reducer  LP
The Chats - Pub Feed  7"
Aldous Harding - Designer  LP
Phone Jerks - 10x10  10" EP
Plasticheads - Nowhere To Run  12" EP
Subhumans - Crisis Point  LP
Rick White and Eiyn Sof - The Opening  LP
Wolfbrigade - The Enemy: Reality  LP

Top Ten Reissues, collections, live recordings (in alphabetical order)
John Coltrane - Blue World  LP
D.O.A. - 1978  2LP
Discharge - Noise Not Music  Box Set
Eric's Trip - Warm Girl  LP (first time on vinyl)
Genetic Control - First Impression  LP
Hawkwind - The '1999' Party (Live At The Chicago Auditorium, March 21 1974) 2LP
Heartbreakers - Yonkers Demo  LP
The Ramones - Live At The Palladium, New York, NY (12/31/79)  2LP
The Unintended - s/t  LP  (first time on vinyl)
The Victims - s/t LP   

Top Ten Live Shows (in chronological order)
Atoxxico / Helltroopers / Warsick, Saturday May 25, Wize Guyz, Riverview NB
The Cult - Thursday May 30, Casino NB, Moncton NB
Doc MacLean, Saturday June 29, Timber Lounge, Moncton NB
No Funswick Fest July 12, 13 and 14, various venues, Moncton NB
Andy Irvine, Friday July 26, Shepody House, Dorchester NB
Painbow / Warsick / Grosse Bouche / Small Package, Saturday July 27, The Caveau, Moncton NB
Fred Eaglesmith and Tif Ginn, Sunday September 22, Tide and Boar, Moncton NB
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Saturday October 5, Centre culturel Aberdeen, Moncton NB
Fear of Lipstick / New Calling / Phone Jerks - Friday October 18, Tide and Boar, Moncton NB
Local faves Which Witch Is Which
 Grant Forsythe (lead shouter at Neighbourhood Watch)
 Top Ten EPs and Singles
 1. Aloha Swamp - Aloha Swamp/Midnight, the Stars and You 7"
 2. Channel 3 - The Bellweather 12" EP
 3. Corporate Citizen - A Brief Moment Of Sanity 7" EP
 4. Crime - San Francisco's First And Only Rock 'N' Roll Band: Live 1978 dbl 7" EP
 5. Cro-Mags - Don't Give In 7" EP
 6. Misfits - Hellbent For Vinyl 7" EP
 7. Parasytes - Boxed In 7" EP 
 8. Pisser - Breaking Chains 12" EP
 9. Tasty Wangs - Better Living Through Proper Nutrition With... 7" lathe cut EP
10. Tørsö - Build And Break 7" EP
 Top Ten Albums
1. Chain Whip - 14 Lashes LP
2. The Follow Ups - Don't Like You Either LP
3. The Freeze - Calling All Creatures LP
4. Frig Dancer - Hot Garbage LP
5. The Grim - Nuclear World Order LP
6. Hard Charger - Vol 4: Take The Guff And Suffer LP
7. Hype - Live Larry's Hideaway 1985 CD
8. Various Artists - Drunk Canadian Punk Rock Vol. 1 LP
9. Various Artists - Oakville Uber Alles CD
10. Various Artists - Punk East Vs. Punk West LP 
 Top Five Reissues/Compilations
1. Chronic Submission - Sick Of Reality LP
2. Direct Action - Tomorrow Is Too Late LP
3. Genetic Control - First Impressions LP
4. Mad Parade - Caffeine Screams LP
5. Nine Nine Nine - Nasty Cuts LP

Ken Kelley (drummer at the Monoxides)
The Raconteurs - Help Us, Stranger  CD
Sebadoh - Act Surprised  CD
Spoon - Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon  CD
Ian Blurton - Signals Through The Flame  CD
The National - I Am Easy To Find  CD
Jeff Tweedy - Warmer  CD
Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock  CD
Tindersticks - No Treasure But Hope  CD
The Black Keys - Let’s Rock  CD
Jenny Lewis - On The Line  CD

Bill Battershill 
1. Pale Lips - After Dark  LP
2. Frank Turner - No Man’s Land  LP
3. Brad Marino - Extra Credit  LP
4. Amon Amarth - Berserker  CD
5. The Cigarettes - You Were So Young  LP
6. Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles  LP  
7. Titus Andronicus - An Obelisk  LP 
8. Plasticheads - Nowhere to Run  12" EP
9. Los Pepes- Positive Negative  LP
10. Neck - You Don’t Think It’s Evil  LP 

Tyler Boots (guitarist at Nerve Button and Phone Jerks)
10. Gino and the Goons – Off The Rails  LP
9. The  Follow Ups – Don’t Like You Either  LP
8. Bikes – S/T III  LP
7. Real Tears – Hay Fever  LP
6. The Muffs – No Holiday  LP
5. Brad Marino - Extra Credit  LP
4. Neck - You Don’t Think It’s Evil  LP
3. The Cowboys – Bottom of a Rotten Flower  LP
2. Plasticheads – Nowhere To Run  12" EP
1. Control Freaks – She’s The Bomb  LP

Cat Butterfield (man about town)
1 Hunt Sales Memorial - Get Your Shit Together LP 
2 Daddy Long Legs - Lowdown Ways LP 
3 Billy Childish - Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot: The Billy Childish Story 1977-2018 LP 
4 Peter Perrett - Humanworld LP 
5 The Raincoats - s/t  LP (reissue)
6 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen LP 
7 Guitar Wolf - Love and Jett LP 
8 Booth and the Bad Angel - Angelo Badalamenti LP (reissue)
9 Fallen Angels - s/t  LP 
10 Headcat with Johnny Ramone - Good Rockin’ Tonight 7" 

Mark Eveleigh (local music supporter/ full-time dad)
Top Ten Albums 
1. Amyl and the Sniffers - s/t  CD 
2. Starcrawler - Devour You CD
3. Heart Attack Kids - Bad Luck Like Gold  CD 
4. The Black Keys - Lets Rock CD 
5. The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger CD 
6.  The Headstones - Peopleskills CD 
7. Rick White + Eiyn Sof - The Opening LP 
8. L7- Scatter The Rats CD 
9. Ian Blurton's Future Now -Signals Through The Flames Digital Download 
10. The Follow Ups - Don't Like You Either LP 

Top Ten EP's / Singles 
1. Local h- Patrick Bateman 7" 
2. Ian Blurton - Space Is Forever 7" 
3. Thick-Thick Digital Download 
4. The Beaches- The Professional CD 
5. Mudhoney - Morning In America 12" EP 
6. Sleater-Kinney - Animal 7" 
7. Trash Juice-Trash Juice Digital Download 
8. Sleater-Kinney - Hurry On Home 7" 
9. Idles - Mercedes Marxists 7" 
10. Phone Jerks- 10 x 10  10" EP

Top Three Live Shows 
1. Thrush Hermit with Shotgun Jimmie 09/27 at the Marquee Halifax NS
2. Thrush Hermit with Walrus 09/26 at the Tide and Boar Moncton NB
3. The Offspring with Sum 41 and Dinosuar Pile-up 11/13 at the Avenir Centre Moncton NB

Top 5 Reissues 
1. Eric's Trip- Warm Girl LP 
2. The Unintended- S/T LP 
3. Fu Manchu -Start The Machine LP 
4. Green River-Rehab Doll CD 
5. Fu Manchu-Godzilla's /Eatin' Dust 3 x 10"

Remi LeClair (thee Comic Hunter)
1. Green Lung – Woodland Rites  download
2. Motorpsycho – The Crucible  LP
3. Horseburner – The Thief  LP
4. Ian Blurton – Signals Through the Flames  LP
5. My Diligence – Sun Rose  download
6. Baroness – Gold and Grey  LP
7. Oozing Wound – High Anxiety  download
8. Zeta – Mochima  download
9. Cult of Luna – A Dawn to Fear  LP
10. Howling Giant – The Space Between Worlds  LP 

Mark Gaudet (Purple Knight, Parlour Tricks)
1. Darkthrone - Old Star  LP 
2. Motley Crue - The Dirt  LP 
3. Subhumans  -Criss Point  LP
4. Hawkwind - The 1999 Party  LP
5. Discharge - Noise Not Music  LP Box Set
6. The Ramones - Live At The Palladium New York 12 31 79  LP
7. Rick White/Eiyn Sof - The Opening  LP
8. Redd Kross - Beyond The Door  LP
9. Mayhem - Daemon  CD
10. The Doors - London Fog  LP

Sonia Noel (local music supporter) 
Top Ten Things...
1. Rick White + Eiyn Sof - The Opening  LP 
2. Anyway Gang - s/t  LP 
3. Shotgun Jimmie - Transistor Sister 2  LP 
4. Diamondtown - The Voice  CDEP
5. Mauno - Really Well LP
6. Taylor Swift - Lover  CD 
7. The Nuclear - No Emotion (digital purchase through iTunes) 
8. The Unintended - s/t  LP reissue
9. Julie Doiron - live at Thunder and Lightning Sunday Sessions February 17th, 2019
10. Def Leppard - live Avenir Centre July 13th, 2019

Brian LaManna (Phone Jerk)
Top 5 in no particular order
1) Gino and The Goons - Do the Get Around LP / Off The Rail  LP
2) The Victims - s/t  LP (reissue)
3) The Undertones (live at the Once Ballroom, Somerville, Mass. May 24, 2019)
4) Crime - Live In ’78 (DVD + 2 x 7") 

Jeff Cheyne (a man of ideas...)
Top Ten in no particular order:
Phone Jerks 10x10 10" 
BATTLES -Juice B Crypts (digital) 
Health - Volume 4 CD 
Uniform and the Body- Everything that dies Someday Comes Back (digital) 
Zaum - Divination LP 
Flying Lotus - Flamagra CD 
Tim Hecker- Anoyo (digital) 
Cate Le Bon - Reward LP 
Priors - Call to You 7" 
Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Disappeared (digital)

Craig Pinhey (Wine, beer and spirits. What else is there?) 
1.  John Southworth - Miracle In the Night  CD
2.  Tegan and Sara - Hey, I'm Just Like You  CD
3.  The Likes of Jeff Pittman - History and Mystery  CD
4.  Stray Cats - 40  CD
5.  Jenny Lewis - On The Line  CD
6.  Joe Jackson - Fool  CD
7.  Juliana Hatfield - Weird  CD
8.  Lloyd Cole - Guesswork  CD
9.  TC&I - Naked Flames CDEP /Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge - Planet England CDEP
10.  Weezer - The Teal Album  CD /   Jonathan Coulton - Some Guys  CD

Mat O'Blenis (screamer at Warsick)

1.  Devil Master – Satan Spits On Children of Light  LP
2.  L.O.T.I.O.N. – World Wide Web  LP
3.  Enzyme – Howling Mind  LP
4.  Fetish – World Eater  LP
5.  Rocky and the Sweden – City Baby Attacked By Buds  LP
6.  Svaveldioxid – Dodsogonblick  LP
7.  The Wraith – Gloom Ballet  LP
8.  Larma – S/T  12" EP
9.  Witchtrial S/T  12" EP
10. Kohti Tuhoa – Ihmisen Kasvot  LP

Peter Leger (Bagtown correspondent)
1 Beatles - Abbey Road (remaster expanded) CD
2 Marc Bolan - Marc Bolan Early Years  CD
3 Frank Zappa - Hot Rats Sessions Expanded  CD
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen  CD
5 Indoor Pets - Be Content   CD
6 Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains  CD
7 Queen Zee - Queen Zee   CD
8 Caterina Barbieri - Ecstatic Computation  CD
9 Pup - Morbid Stuff  CD
10 Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars  CD

Sammy Klacker: (record store clerk extraordinaire)
1. Control Freaks - She's a Bomb LP 
2. The Cowboys - The Bottom of a Rotten Flower LP 
3. Gee Tee - Chromo-Zone Cassette 
4. Judy and the Jerks - Music for Donuts 7" EP
5. The Muffs- No Holiday LP 
6. Pale Lips - After Dark LP
7. Phone Jerks - 10X10 10" 
8. Powerplant - People in the Sun LP 
9 .Steve Adamyk Band - Paradise LP 
10. Uranium Club: The Cosmo Cleaners LP

Gavin MacNeil: (apiarist, connoisseur of cardboard)
1- Fontaines DC - Dogrel  bandcamp
2- Actors - It Will Come To You  LP
3- Phone Jerks - 10x10  10"EP
4- Iggy Pop - Free LP
5- Trash Kit - Hoizon  soundcloud
6- Tropical Fuck Storm - Braindrops  bandcamp
7- The Wraith - Gloom Ballet  LP
8- Rick White, Eisner Sof - The Opening  LP 
9- Kim Gordon - No Home Record  LP
10- Kælan Mikla - Nótt eftir nótt  LP

Kyle McDons (bassist at Zaum)
1. Drab Majesty - Modern Mirror (LP)
2. Big Business - The Beast You Are (LP)
3. Firebreather - Under a Blood Moon (LP)
4. Com Truise - Persuasion System (LP)
5. Sunn O))) - Life Metal / Pyroclasts (LP)
6. Spidergawd - V (LP)
7. VR Sex - Human Traffic Jam / Horseplay (LP)
8. Torche - Admission (LP)
9. Lightning Bolt - Sonic Citadel (LP)
10. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - The Undivided Five (LP)

Daryl Buote (Port City correspondent)
Top Ten Releases:
1. Rich Ragany and The Digressions - Like We'll Never Make It (download)
2  Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock  CD
3  The Divided- World You're Living In  LP
4  Little You Little Me - Hard To Say Not Knowing  LP 
5  Zaum - Divination  LP 
6  Chain Whip - 14 Lashes  LP
7  Desperate Times  cassette
8  Rainbow Grave - No You  LP
9  The Wraith- Gloom Ballet  LP
10. Black Halos - Geisterbahn II  7"
10. Hammered Hulls  7"
10. Phone Jerks - 10×10  10" EP

Top Live Shows:
No Funswick Festival (especially Feed) - July 10, 11 and 12 (Moncton)
Acidez/Hard Charger - September 6 (Fredericton)
Existench - July 11 (Fredericton)
Atoxxcico - May 25 (Riverview)
Zaum - June 8 (Moncton)  
Painbow - July 27 (Moncton)
Steve Adamyk Band / Chiller / Dee Cracks / Phone Jerks - May 10 (Moncton)
Fear of Lipstick - October 18 (Moncton)
Interpol - August 3 (Saint John) 
Montreal's Painbow tearing up the Caveau.