Monday, April 11, 2016

Moncton Gig Alert: April 12 -16, 2016

Who: Hard Up (Montreal), DIM (France), Josue
What: Acoustic punk/folk weirdness
When: Tuesday April 12, 2016  8PM
Where: 70 Fleet Street
Why: D.I.Y. touring act
Cost: $5 / PWYC

Who: The Divorcees, Carey Beck & The Royaltones
What: local outlaw country and rockabilly/rock n' roll
When: Friday April 15, 2016  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: It's Friday night
Cost: ??

Who: Warsick, Dustbin (Halifax), Fleabag (Halifax/Moncton), The Adhesives, Half/Read (Halifax), Kailey  Socks And The Booted Pisscocks
What: crust, hardcore, pogo, attack
When: Saturday April 16, 2016  10PM sharp (ha ha ha)
Why: In case you need some chaos noise riot
Cost: $5 PWYC

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