Monday, December 10, 2007


Welcome to this first primitive internet version of the long-lost Ale Knight Gazette fanzine. This zine started back in the early nineties with the purpose of interviewing Charlie Harper of the UK Subs who were going to play my hometown of Moncton NB. This event was so important that I decided that it should be somehow documented and a fanzine seemed like a good idea. I came across the term ale knight while spending some time at the local public library one day. It referred to knights that were more known for their exploits in the public houses rather than on the fields of battle. I mentioned it to a friend (Samuel LeBlanc) and he thought that I should use it as a name for something, so I did. The print version of the zine contained interviews with bands that were passing through the area and featured information, news, tidbits on the local craft beer scene as well as record reviews (always my favourite section in any magazine). Some of the bands that were featured include: UK Subs, The Queers, DOA, Real McKenzies, The Muffs, Ray Condo, Hanson Brothers, Smugglers, Nashville Pussy, Naked Aggression, Redd Kross, Entombed, The Diodes, Genetic Control, Art Bergmann, Voivod, Planet Smashers, NoFx, The Riverdales, Ripcordz etc etc.

Anyone who publishes a fanzine knows that there is very little reward for all the hard work and endless hours that go into this creative endeavor. I reckon it's more work than being in a band, running a label or promoting a concert. For this reason, the AKG eventually went on a long hiatus. It was always my intention to resurrect it again some day but reality set in and I realized the only way that it would see the light of day was to go digital.

I am obsessed with rock n' roll music. I love listening to it, seeing it performed on stage, looking at photographs and discussing its merits and minutiae with like-minded individuals. I believe that it has the power to change lives for the better. You can expect to see reviews of the latest cool records to hit this area, latest in beer gossip, perhaps the odd interview and maybe even a concert review. Hang tight!


ray 13


Marty said...

Welcome to Blogspot! I remember hearing of the AKG back in the day but never saw a copy ( didn't get home much in the 90's). I look forward to checking in to see what you do with this medium. Cheers and Happy New Year!

The 13s said...


Thanks. It'll be a slow but steady thing I hope.