Monday, March 18, 2013

Record Review: Bad Religion - True North LP

 BAD RELIGION - True North LP (Epitaph)
When founding member/guitarist Brett Gurewitz rejoined Bad Religion in 2001 after a six year hiatus, it was generally acknowledged that the band's creative output ameliorated greatly and generally, one knows what to expect from each new Bad Religion album: catchy, fast California punk with insightful lyrics and background harmonies. I'm not here to to state anything different, but there is most definitely a renewed sense of vigour on this record. The intensity level is up, the songs are perhaps a little shorter and one is reminded of 1990's classic Against The Grain album. Age hasn't mellowed these guys yet as they are still pissed off. As a last note, we are glad to report that the importance of tracking hasn't gone unnoticed as this is a well-thought out album and a delightful listening experience throughout.

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