Sunday, October 13, 2013


LORD OF GARBAGE by Kim Fowley (Kicks Books)
 Con-man, Hollywood hustler, Svengali figure, bullshitter. These are all more or less accurate descriptions that have been used to describe Kim Fowley, a man who has been involved with more cool records than any suburban hipster will ever own. Whether he was working as a producer, songwriter, singer or manager, this depraved streetwalker had a knack for uncovering greatness and for staying very much au courant. This first volume, in what will no doubt be a shockingly revelatory triptych, begins with his earliest memories of a severely dysfunctional childhood, through his teenage delinquency, to his unusual stint in the army and finally, his start in show biz. Along the way, he chronicles his run-ins and liaisons by dropping names, airing dirty laundry and courting scandal.
 It's a fun and quick read and the aesthetic of the small paperback pulp novel format only enhances the pleasure. It's a shame that Fowley did not put pen to paper earlier as this is good fodder for rock and roll junkies. (RA)          


Unknown said...

where do we purchase this book ?

Unknown said...
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The 13s said...

Try the Norton Records website or hopefully a cool record store in your town.