Thursday, March 5, 2015

Moncton Gig Alert: March Break Madness! (March 5, 6, 7, 8, 2015)

Who: E.B. Anderson and The Resolutes (Halifax), Mother, Jugs and Speed
What: Hillbilly / Honky Tonk / Country / Rockabilly
When: Thursday March 5, 2015  10PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: If you need to sing and get drunk on a Thursday night
Cost: $7 at door
Link: Hillbilly night at Plan B Lounge

Who: Sloan (Toronto)
What: Iconic Canadian indie rock, power-pop, rock and roll
When: Thursday Match 5, 2015   9PM
Where: Tide and Boar Ballroom
Why: Always lots of fun plus bassist Chris Murphy is wearing a Jellyfishbabies shirt in the promo picture
Cost: who knows? not advertised as usual.
Link: An Evening With Sloan March 5th at the Tide & Boar Ballroom

Who: Zaum, Outtacontroller (Halifax), Flying Fortress (Toronto)
What: Mantra doom metal, hook-laden punk rock, thrash punk-metal
When: Friday March 6, 2015  10PM
Where: Esquire Tavern
Why: Loud, heavy, greasy, fast, cheap beer,
Cost: $8

Who: Soaring Sirens, Phone Jerks
What: Velvets/Modern Lovers rock meets 90's style garage punk
When: Saturday March 7, 2015  5:30PM
Where: Spin-It Records
Why: It's free, all-ages on a Saturday afternoon while you shop for records
Cost: FREE!

Who: Purple Knight, No Aloha (Montreal), Soaring Sirens
What: Minimalist pre-punk hard rock, indie rock, catchy polite proto-punk
When: Saturday March 7, 2015  7:30PM
Where: Claude's House
Why: It's Saturday night for chrissakes!
Cost: PWYC
Link: Purple Knight//No Aloha//Soaring Sirens

Who: Lester Slade, Bad People (Saint-John), Motherhood (Fredericton)
What: folk, country rock, energetic indie/alternative rock
When: Saturday March 7, 2015  10PM
Where: Plan B Lounge
Why: It's still Saturday night for goodness sake
Cost: ???

Who: Pascal Lejeune, Les paiens, Sintax Error and lots more....
What: Tribute show to honour the memory of a great supporter of the NB arts/music community
When: Sunday March 8, 2015  7PM
Where: Capitol Theatre
Why: We could use more people like Marc
Cost: FREE!
Link: "SALUT BOSS!" un show pour Chouinard

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