Wednesday, September 23, 2015

AKG Moncton Rock n' Roll News Summer's End 2015 Edition

Holy smokes! The Summer of 2015 was definitely busy, hot, humid and rockin'! One of the most memorable in recent history. Here's a rundown as seen through the eyes of the AKG.

With so many shows around town, many local bands got to perform multiple times. Among the busiest were The Disasterbaters, Fear Agent, Warsick and the Phone Jerks. It seems like we didn't go one week without one of these fine acts gracing a local stage. So now it's trivia time, which of the aforementioned bands has played the most this Summer?

Speaking of frequent performances, how many times have Halifax's Outtacontroller rocked this town in 2015? I believe they have at least two more shows scheduled before year's end.

Dark punkers Feral Trash reconvened after a long dormancy to play the much-celebrated Ottawa Explosion and managed to kick butt. Eric and Ilisha still live in Ottawa while Jesse remains in Moncton. Will this be a long-distance affair or the inevitable end of this fab threesome?

Missing In Action: After three consecutive fun years, the Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown weekender festival in nearby Amherst, NS may have unfortunately run its course. The festival featured original rockabilly pioneers, 80's revivalists, new up and comers as well as local rock and roll acts. It may have been an ambitious endeavour, but let's tip our hats to Davey, Gill and Kim of the Shakedown Combo for putting the blood, sweat and tears. Past performers included Bloodshot Bill (Montreal), The Royal Crowns (Toronto), Lee Rocker (USA), Johnny Power (USA) and Tim Polecat (UK). We sincerely hope the MARS Fest returns again someday.

Danny's trousers are still on for now.
They say it's his birthday: Impulse Items vocalist Danny Bourque celebrated his birthday by donning his birthday suit during much of his performance at a recent gig by his band. Five bucks goes a long way these days.

Controversy: NYC's The Casualties had their August 22 Moncton date cancelled amid much controversy due to allegations of sexual assault against vocalist Jorge Herrera. Although there is no proof or criminal charges forthcoming, boycotts and cancellations have dogged the band for the past few years and do not seem to be going away. Many of their scheduled shows in Canadian cities were also cancelled which pretty much scrapped the whole tour.

Sappy Fest: This year was the 10th anniversary of the internationally beloved indie pop festival held in the beautiful town of Sackville, NB. It seemed pretty low key this year according to attendees with no big names or headliners to draw the casual listener. Cool names that we wish we could have seen include Speedy Ortiz, Pup, Strange Attractor as well as old friends Moonsocket and Michael Feuerstack.

Deadfucks reunion show
Love Reissues: Someone at Sub Pop Records had the foresight and brains to reissue Love Tara, the much-loved 1993 debut album by Eric's Trip. Since an original pressing will set you back some serious coin, the reissues have been selling briskly at Spin-It Records.

The Disasterbaters, Moncton's shaggy, unruly garage punk trio are reportedly releasing a seven inch record via Shake Records from Victoria, BC. We hope that it captures all the crunch and all the dirt.

No Funswick Fest was a great weekend punk rock shin-ding brought to us by the fine folks in the Dirty Kills back in early July. We had bands visiting from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, PEI and even Texas. Lots of fun and no doubt lots of work and stress. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Local glam punk bubblegum garage agitators Nerve Button recently laid down some tracks with Kyle McDonald (Zaum) at the board. We hope to hear the results soon.

Moncton loud rockers the Motorleague have been busy readying up a new album entitled Holding Patterns (October 16th release date) and also supporting the likes of Godsmack and Sevendust at large venues. Yes, the new long player will appear on the vinyl format.

It was also a Summer of the visiting veteran Canadian bands (of the loud and fast variety). We had Grimskunk, Voivod, Ripcordz and Dayglo Abortions come around to blast our ears and each and every one of them were showing no signs of slowing down.

Cretin from the Dayglo Abortions

Moncton shock and humour punks the Deadfucks held a one-time reunion gig at the Esquire in August that was very well attended. The band played great like no time had passed. No nudity or Strawberry Quik this time, but there was a bit of entertainment when an enraged/drunk boyfriend tried to attack the singer for Nerve Button after their opening set. Seems like his girlfriend was offended somehow. Ah, it's only rock and roll but I like it.

Former Spin-It Records staffer and Feral Trash frontman Eric Neurotic came down for a week from Ottawa to visit friends and family. He even managed to perform an impressive cover set with the Shats, that mysterious band that pops up every couple of years.

Local thrashers Fear Agent are breaking in a new vocalist in the form of Julian Merlin formerly of Sackville's Greasebeast.

We hadn't seen the Adhesives in a long long time, but were very impressed with their opening set at the Dayglo Abortions show in August. New members taking up the guitar and drum duties are Mitchie and Rob from Warsick. And speaking of Warsick, the lads just got a positive review in a recent issue of the much-respected MaximumRocknroll. Congrats boys.

Some rad bands worth mentioning include The Famines, Hag Face, FLQ, Pow Wows, Towanda, Hard Charger, Blotto, Zaum, Kappa Chow, Purple Knight, Steve Earle, The Robins, Phoebe Legere, Deamons, Sintax Error, Hassler, Sexface, Petunia, Minimalist Jug Band, AC/DC, Superlove, Thee Requiems, Don't Surrender and Crossed Wires.

Eric Neurotic channeling his inner Westerberg

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