Thursday, April 17, 2014

BEER REVIEW : TROOPER (Robinson's Brewery, UK)

Trooper Premium British Beer
500 mL bottle
4.7% ABV
$4.99 Canadian Dollars

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on the shelf this evening at my local New Brunswick Liquor Corporation outlet. I had read the press release some time ago and, being a lover of English Ale, was rather curious. It seems that Iron Maiden's vocalist Bruce Dickinson is a real ale enthusiast and wanted to develop a signature ale. He teamed up with Robinson's Brewery, a regional UK brewery based in Stockport and came up with this offering. Copper colour with an earthy aroma. Pours quite nicely with a beige/white head. Taste is medium bittersweet with hints of citrus. With its medium body, it certainly qualifies as a session beer. I was hoping for a bit more considering the price, but overall, it's not bad at all. (RA)

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