Saturday, April 26, 2014

Record Reviews: EX HEX / SIMPLY SAUCER /

Ex Hex - Hot And Cold  7"  (Merge)
 Catchy infectious garage glam punk and roll from this all-female trio featuring Mary Timony from Wild Flag. The hooks are plenty, vocals have swagger and the impact is immediate. The b-side has two rocking numbers that also stand up to the task. Perfect music for a teenage sleepover. The recording is lo-fi which still seems to be en vogue these days. A full length recording is reportedly in the works.  Recommended. (RA)

Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing  7"  (Mammoth Cave)
This mid 1970's Hamilton, Ontario protopunk band has been mythologized in recent times and is certainly worthy of such praise. In the years just before punk, any North American band drawing influence from Syd Barrett, the Velvet Underground and krautrock would have cooler than cool. Sadly, very few recordings exist and this track taken from their posthumous Cyborgs Revisited album (first released in 1989) would have been the obvious choice for a single if this world was a fair place. Boutique label Mammoth Cave has now come to the rescue of record collectors of discerning tastes and has given this song the seven inch wax treatment it so rightly deserves. Guitarist/vocalist Edgar Breau delivers this nice ditty about a sadomasochistic relationship and sings it with such casualness that even Lou Reed would be impressed. The b-side offers up a live version recorded at a local YWCA in 1978.  (RA)   

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